Comprehensive Insurance Service

We provide a comprehensive insurance service available to meet the particular needs of the owners of barn conversions, thatched or timber framed homes throughout the United Kingdom.

Our specialist service has earned a formidable reputation for our independent research programme, and for the publication of guides to personal safety and the conservation of period homes. These publications have been commended by the fire services and research scientists. We are able to provide you with the most recent and most effective information and advice to help you to make informed decisions about your home.

Our research has identified the need for a specialist range of services and products, which are invaluable to the conservation of thatched and timber framed homes.

These include:

  • A competitively priced internal inspection of the chimney(s) by an experienced chimney engineer using CCTV equipment to identify any potential problems that may increase the fire risk
  • A recommended panel of selected, professional chimney sweeps operating in your area, who will maintain your chimneys in a safe condition
  • The supply of specialist chemicals for the removal of chimney tar deposits, practical temperature measurement devices for monitoring flue gas temperatures and fire detection and extinguishing equipment of the type recommended by the Fire Service
  • A recommended panel of approved electrical engineers who provide an inspection service, which will identify any electrical wiring problems in your home
  • Valuations, inventories and security advice.

It is important that your home should be adequately insured, but professional valuations for insurance purposes can prove expensive. Over insurance is a waste of money, and under insurance carries the risk of insurance claims not being paid in full. We offer a competitively priced, professional building valuation service to accurately assess the rebuilding costs of your home so that you do not pay for more insurance cover than you need. The homes we insure are often centuries old and it can be difficult, even for qualified surveyors, to accurately assess their rebuilding costs. However, if your home is professionally valued, our policy offers a unique Rebuilding and Reinstatement guarantee, which entirely removes the risk of under insurance.

You will also be provided with a personalised inventory to help you to assess the value of the contents of your home.

A personal service

Although the policy is underwritten by a major insurer, we issue and administer the policy in every detail and represent your interests in all claims matters. Every aspect of our service is conducted at a personal level and you will find that it is delivered by an experienced and thoughtful team of skilled individuals who are genuinely interested in you and your home.

We believe in providing great service from our dedicated team of experienced specialists

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